Contact Shriram Yuva apartment for sale Budigere Cross

In Budigere Cross City, Off Whitefeld, East Bangalore and Codename YUVA by Shriram, the builders will provide for quality of life experiences in a lively and fair manner. It is in the heart of Budigere Cross, off Whitefield, in the vicinity of developed and emerging communities and sites. Any of the 40 + facilities in include an all-equipped clubhouse, gardens, spas, a swimming pool, entertainment field, outdoor sports courts, a girls play area and a party hall. Contact Shriram Yuva apartment for sale Budigere Cross is, A green and eco friendly home for a lifetime:

  • Vast expanses of natural vegetation and greenery
  • Covered with flora, that reduce heat and create a pleasant micro climate
  • Special paints and adhesives used have a very low VOC (volatile organic compound) content for a healthy and chemical free environment
  • Rainwater Harvesting System (RWH) to maximize rainwater capture and reduce dependence on ground water

A lifetime of savings on bills, At the earliest for Pre-Booking offers. is a brand new residential building apartment in Budigere Cross, Off Whitefield, Bangalores. The residential enclave is the finest in the Shriram estate. The project provides cosy and spacious quarters. Wonders and elite are the glorious scenery of Budigere Cross, Off Whitefield, East Bangalore and Contact Shriram Yuva. Situated near developed and emerging communities and places, provides over 78% of Shriram Cross open space and green coverage. The builders would provide quality of lives in a vibrant and fair architecture.

  • Shriram Yuva Contact Large windows Contact Shriram Yuva and use of low emissivity glass which cuts out heat and lets light in provides excellent daylight and ventilation thus saving on Contact Shriram Yuva electricity bills
  • Smart irrigation systems like central shut-off valve, timer based controllers, moisture controllers to save and control water usage
  • Water-efficient plumbing fixtures in the Contact Shriram Yuva project will reduce water consumption
  • Wastewater is treated and reused to Contact Shriram Yuva meet all requirements of landscape & flushing
  • Common area lighting will be solar-powered

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Doddathogur Rd, Konappana Agrahara, Budigere Cross, Bengaluru, Karnataka 560100