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Shriram Yuva has become one of the highlights of East Bangalore. The Shriram Yuva division residential estate. Budigere Cross, Shriram Codename Yuva. This residences are purposefully designed with revolutionary designs using new technologies. Ventilation and natural light are very useful in many installations to ensure that users can access the properties at all time. The main building is Shriram Yuva. Budigere is one of the fast-growing cities in East Bangalore, with numerous commercial and residential projects underway, giving a huge boost to real estate markets. Budigere Cross has several investment opportunities to ensure a successful return on investment.

Budigere Cross is one of Hoskö, Hormavu, Chikkagubbí, Anagalapura, Ramamürthy Nagar and KR Puram's most developed hubs in the country. The region is adjacent to Baiyapanahalli and Whitefield Rail, although on the 104 state motorway the airport is within 1 hour drive. Budigere's Budigere Cross links are significantly boosted by the new STRR satellite ring road (STRR), the peripheral ring. Budigere Cross is close to both of the major connective regions of Bangalore.

Shriram Yuva is a luxury East Bangalore community pre-launched by Shriram Properties. In one of the most desirable suburban communities in eastern Bangalore, the Codename Yuva is no more than Budigere Cross. It's an articulate and spacious modern house designed to suit every human being. Buildings have been deliberately constructed using modern technologies and are creative. Ventilation and natural light are given immense importance in the many facilities available, so that people can enjoy their stay every minute.

shriram codename yuva has a wonderful link with all major parts of City. The State Highway 104 is a 1-hour drive from Kempgowda International Airport, and a full range of BMTC buses are available free of charge. The railway station is near Whitefield and Metro Station Bayyappanahalli via national highway 75. a smoother route in the area. The key commercial and residential hotsports in the city are well-connected, like ITPL, Whitefield, Puram, Varthur, and Indiranagar. The city has significantly increased connectivity by means of the next STR Ring Road (STRR), PRR and Chikkajala planned metro station at Namma Metro.

It has a top club house with a children's playground, multifunctional gardens, outdoor courtyards, a fitness centre, a yoga/meditation area and luxury. It is lush, green, marvellous and redefines the true meaning of turbulent life for quiet and pleasant nature.The most beautiful setting, trees, wetlands, grassy lawn, and parks.It is one of the five largest real estate building companies in India,

Shriram Properties focuses mainly on mid-market and affordable housing. One of the best building architects in the country. Properties in the southernmost Southern Indian cities, including Chennai, Coimbatore and Visakhapatnam, started in Bangalore in 2000. The brand was also active in the construction of a big mixed project in Kolkaty in East India. Founded in 1995, it is the leading organisation for its hard work, loyalty and commitment for many years. Among other big Shriram Property markets, Bangalore and Chennai. The towns account for roughly 31.24% of start-up and 34.22% of Indian sales in most seven towns including Bengaluru, Mumbai, Delhi, Chennai, Pune, Hyderabad and Kolkata.

There have been a number of coveted distinctions and prizes that mark the performance of the company owing to the core importance of trust, openness and consistency. Any corporation is subject to a strict quality control regime that transmits environmental factors like energy usage, reliable water management and greening.. Overall, it is one of the strongest real estate businesses in the field with over four decades of experience and a permanent dedication to uphold consumer expectations on all projects.

In the town of Budigere Cross, Whitefield, the builders will ensure a high standard of life, which has almost been developed and created with vibrant and fair communitiesand places, shriram codename yuva Located at the heart Whitefield.

Some of the 40 + facilities include a fully-equipped clubhouse, parks, gymnasiums, swimming pools, leisure areas, outdoor sports courts, children's playfield, festivals hall, and carefully designed 24/7 securities.In 2000 It Properties was established with the goal of developing quality properties in South India, with a particular focus on immobilisation. The total happiness of the client. This is one of India's largest firms with a history of four decades. It encompasses a broad range of types, including cheap housing, medium price, luxury hotel, business and office spaces and proposed home.

The hotel is based under Yuvá Codename, but not other than Budigere Cross, one of Bangalore's suburban highlights. Until launch, luxurious properties are situated in Bangalore's eastern suburbs. Yuvaway provides modern homes that are cleverly spaced and tailored to each person's lifestyles and preferences. The houses are carefully built using state-of-the-art technology.. In many installations, ventilation and natural light are given high importance to ensure that people enjoy staying at any minute

In this Propertiesis an immobiliary market in India designed to meet the needs of the ordinary people. Founded in 1995, built a wide customer base in India. This Developers is a brand of high-quality projects that have earned customers' confidence and satisfaction. Many houses in the major Indian cities, including Bangalore, Chennai, Coimbatore and Vizag were successfully supplied Kolkata for prospective buyers. The developer provides over 8,36 million sq.m.

A number of villas and apartments are provided by Builders. This upcoming project Codename Yuva is based in a lush green environment in one of Bangalore's most popular areas. Includes a wide variety of indoor and outdoor services such as 24/7 backup, fire fighters, intercoms, parking lots, gymnasiums, the clubhouse, children's playground, bathtub area, the Field with basketball, multifunctional courts, swimming pool, yoga spot, centre, courthouse. meditation centre. This project is especially selected for citizens. The future residential project of Company is strategically situated in eastern Bangalore on the Budigere Cross. The project is located between the modern Ring Road and satellite city. And the Belt of Whitefield, close and near the vibrant KR Puram. The North Bangalore Investment Hub is a 20-30 minutes drive from Hoskote Industrial Hub.

shriram codename yuva flat in Budigere Cross, Off Whitefield for brand new residential construction projects.In the house, the residential enclave is the finest. Spacious, spacious rooms are provided by the project. With over 78 percent of open space and green coverage around the project, Wonders and elite are the beautiful scenery of YUVA. Cross, off whitefield, east Bangalore, and familiarity with lively and equal architecture will be assured by the manufacturers. Located in the centre of the Budigere Cross in Whitefield, close to developed and emerging communities and sites.

Builders will enjoy a quality of life with vibrant and comparable architecture at Budigere Cross, Off Whitefield and Codename. Located in the heart of Budigere Cross off Whitefield, close to developed and emerging communities and sites.Some of 40 + amenities include a fully furnished clubhouse, gardens, a spa, a swimming pool, leisure space, outdoor sport courts, a play area for girls, a party hall

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Shriram Yuva Advantages

Yuva is close to North Bangalore (15 - 30) minutes drive; Bringing you close to

  • About 12,000+ acre BIAL IT Hub
  • 4,000 acres of KIADB land to be developed in IT/BT and aerospace
  • Direct connectivity to airport with proposed 6 lane peripheral ring road
  • Multiple international schools in North Bengaluru

About 10 minutes drive to Hoskote; Bringing you close to:

  • 200+ industrial and manufacturing units already operational
  • Already home to the manufacturing units of many corporate giants including VOLVO, Bando, Mahindra & Honda
  • Auto hub of 1500 acre coming up in Narasapur
  • 200 acres allocated to IT sector on Malur Road
  • Bengaluru University’s upcoming base

Yuva has close proximity to Whitefield, which brings you closer to:

  • 40% all IT space of Bengaluru such as ITPL, SAP, GE, Accenture, to name a few
  • Home to Bengaluru’s best malls, hotels and hospitals-JW Marriott,Zuri, Phoenix Marketcity, Forum Value Mall, Manipal Hospital, Columbia Asia Hospital, etc.
  • Numerous renowned schools like Vibgyor, Oakridge International School,Whitefield Global School, etc.
Apartment Budigere Cross Shriram Yuva

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Bangalore has taken Each action is taken to ensure complete lifestyle. Each device around your new home ensures the highest degree of accuracy from international-class power supplies to creative flooring materials.


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